Probita Solutions can help hard pressed vet practices solve some of the common challenges they face in providing TB testing services.

Practices can experience a sudden increase in demands for testing if breakdowns occur locally, or find themselves short-handed through unexpected staffing issues. Solutions aims to address these challenges.

Taking the hassle out of organising the regular TB gun maintenance and sourcing some of the commonly used bits of kit such as reliable callipers and clippers, are also part of this comprehensive service.

The Solutions offering:

1. Manpower
2. Handling equipment
3. Testing equipment
MANPOWER We can now supply TB testing vets whenever you need extra help to take the pressure off your team:

• Fully-trained testers, audited and approved by your XL Farmcare region
• Equipped with car, PPE & TB guns. Just supply tuberculin and their job bag instructions
• No need to pay a full time salary & benefits but they work for you for as long as you have the demand
• Get short term help when you are at your busiest—send them to bigger tests to easily cover all your costs
• All relevant insurances & accreditations are fully covered

The cost? from just £240 per day

Contact the Probita Solutions team to discuss your needs via email on:

[email protected]
Is your Practice’s TB testing workload becoming a burden?
Is organisation of manpower an ever-present challenge?
TEST EQUIPMENT We can help with a ‘one-stop shop’ for:

• servicing kit
• sourcing testing guns, clippers and all the equipment your practice needs for TB testing
• recommendations for types of clippers, callipers and waist belts based on broad practical experience
• professional training on how to maintain testing kit, to both support your service and extend the life of your assets

Probita Solutions can deliver all these services in collaboration with all relevant experts and suppliers available across the UK.

Call us and we will happily coordinate your needs: 0800 612 5289
HANDLING EQUIPMENT Some facilities are slow and downright dangerous.

Why not consider help in supplying top quality kit to ensure that the job gets done safely and efficiently?

We can also help with cattle droving and handling staff too.

Some farmers may appreciate your help!

Probita Solutions can now supply a good quality mobile crushes and packs of cattle hurdles for you to offer as further support for problem farms.

Various options can be made available; from independent supply of manpower and kit, to your practice renting or owning suitable equipment.

Get in touch to see how our services might match your needs. 0800 612 5289