What 3 Words

Our industry often needs to navigate to somewhere that doesn’t have an address (a point in a large field or a spot on a long uninhabited road), or a farm that has a name but not a street number. To compound this, street addresses are often geocoded inaccurately. Sat navs struggle with ambiguity when people enter a search query that has multiple results. For example, just think how many Home Farms there are.

How What3words helps

what3words is a combination of just 3 words that identifies a 3mx3m square, anywhere on the planet. It’s far more accurate than a postal address and it’s much easier to remember, use and share than a set of coordinates. If you need to navigate to a house with a name but no number or the corner of a field miles from a major road, it will still have 3 words.

How Can I use it?

Lat,long is great for computers but what3words is useful when people are involved. Using words means non-technical people can find any location accurately and communicate it more quickly, with less ambiguity. There is a free online mapping system and also an app that functions without a data connection.

NavMii free navigation

Navmii is a free iOS and Android app that gives you turn-by-turn driving and walking navigation for any location based on what3words. With traffic warnings, local search, driver analytics, downloadable maps, Navmii takes the hassle out of finding places.